About Us

The company Mário Vilarinho, Lda. -Técnicas de Ar Condicionado,Lda. was born in March of 1994 on individual name and in June of 1995 turned to Shareholding society.
Its main activity develops on national territory, but has already two works in Morocco.
Throughout the years, the company has been able to adapt to the market oscilations and to its specific nature, adjusting to technological evolution and maintaining the up-to-date main concerns of environment preservation.
Works in different technical areas, making the supply and assembling of installations, as well as technical support.
Today, we continue to maintainour original way of working, this means, quickness to the answers of our clients requirements, whether on the presentation of the most suitable solutions or to repair the damage.
Most of our clients knows us since many years ago, and know that we only work with reliable brands to assure the best equipments and guarantee to the future, in order to maintain the quality of our service.